Jewish Cultural Centre is located at 16 Jevrejska Street in Dorćol, near Cara Dušana Street.


Shabbat is the seventh day of the week for Jews, beginning on Friday with sunset and ending on Saturday after sunset. This is the biggest Jewish holiday. Oneg Shabbat means Sabbath enjoyment because according to Jewish regulations, every Jew is "obliged" to enjoy delicious meals on the Shabbat.
Today, the name Oneg Shabbat is used for various religious, social or cultural events that take place on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons.


The building in 16 Jevrejska Street was erected in 1923 as work of architect Samuel Sumbul. Until 1941, the home of the Sephardic Jewish Society- Oneg Shabbat was the gathering place of the Dorćol Jews.
It housed a home for the elderly and the premises of a youth club, as well as a hall for performing religious rites. In the period from 1993. to 2018., the building was taken care by B92 radio and fund, as well as the Rex cultural centre.
The building was returned to the Jewish Community under the law on the elimination of the consequences of confiscation of property of Holocaust victims who have no living legal heirs, which was adopted in 2016.
In 2017, by the decision of Assembly of the Jewish Community of Belgrade, a Jewish Culural Center was established in the Oneg Shabbat building.
The building was constructed as a two- storey building in a decorative eclectic (mixed) style.
There were two inscriptions on the facade that indicated the purpose:
"Oneg Shabbat", "Gemilut Hasadim" and the inscription that stands out today,
"Don't dismiss me before old age when strength betrays me, don't leave me" (Ps.71).